5 Amazing TV Shows To Watch While Waiting For Game Of Thrones

Valar Morghulis! The long night has come and the death with it; symbolical inside death of every Game of Thrones fan for a year or maybe even more. Yeah, that’s how long it’s  going to take till we see more of dragons, Targaryens, white walkers, and Cersei of course in the Season 8 of  Game of Thrones.  BUT. There is a chance how to survive it. No, you don’t need to go and fight white walkers, you can stay at your bed and try to keep your mind occupied till the winter is over.

We created for you special series of articles, where you will get every Wednesday the weapon for killing boredom and endless waiting for GoT. With this ultimate survival guide consisting of ones of the best Tv Shows, your winter will past in the blink of an eye! The first guy on our plate is crime, documentary and thriller drama, full of action, great narrative and fantastic production, Netflix’s child Narcos.

Narcos, Netflix's Tv show


Basics about Narcos

Narcos is the TV show from original Netflix production which captures the life of Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar, the man who changed the history of Colombia. It is violent and a real story about a poor man who has dreamed of becoming rich and evolving Colombia.  He gained his wealth thanks to the drug trade but chose manners which led to very tragic situations all over the country.

Terror, killing spread, the death of innocents. Those are the actual events which took part in Colombia in 80’s and about those sad moments when the justice was only a term and corruption more typical behavior than breathing is TV show Narcos.

Narcos, originel Netflix series

Incredible Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar

Genres: Biography, Drama, Thriller, Crime 

Country: Colombia, USA
Language: English, Spanish
Release date: 28.08.2015
Filming location: Bogota (Colombia)
Production: Dynamo, Gaumont International Television, Netflix
Producers: Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro
Runtime: Cca 49 min.
Awards: Nominated:

– Golden Globe for best TV series in category drama series

-Bafta award for best Tv show   international

Narcos captures how Pablo Escobar, for some the national hero for others the biggest pledge of Colombia, has risen from nothing, from a poor boy living in the city of Medellin to the King of Cocaine, El Patron. The two seasons long series starts pretty harmlessly, as one could think only describing the trade with coke, parties, fortunate life and the respond of government to it. But after a few episodes, it is entirely clear to anyone who has the eyes that the show is heading in another direction; violence, killing, real hardcore. But the best thing about this TV Show remains that it portrays the actual events, the actions of horror happened for real in Colombia not so long ago.

Watch official trailer for Narcos on YouTube

Did you like trailer? Watch Narcos on Netflix!

The social ground behind Narcos

Before we start to talk about an actual series and its plot, you should understand some basic facts about the former (and probably also today’s) state of cocaine Colombia.

Colombia was a world center when it came to cocaine and its trade in the 80’s. It was overflowing with drug cartels, corruption, and money.  Almost all coke in the USA came from Colombia. The drug trade was thriving thanks to several aspects:

  1. Colombia was (or is) emerging country. With enough money, you could easily buy anyone. Police officers, Courtmans even Senators would pretend that they don’t see anything with the right amount of cash. You could obtain a lot of power only thanks to your wealth and intelligence.
  2. The geographical positions of Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru three neighboring countries and also three biggest producers of cocaine in the world set the best conditions for coke production.
  3. It was and is easy to get the drugs to the USA market, the place with highest drug demand in the world, thanks to the position of Colombia.
Narcos, Pablo in a jail

Actual Pablo posing in a jail

Colombia built on drugs

Those but also other aspects resulted in the spread of narcotics and its power all over the country. The people in Colombia lived from a drug production. The countrymen were growing coca in their backyards, the women were cooking cocaine in the specialized labs, and the real power was in the hands of cartels. The protest of government to that sad situation was poor because they simply couldn’t fight the whole, country, especially when at least half of its members were sold to the drug “traficantes”. That’s the world where Narcos takes its part. Mainly in the central city of Bogota and second largest city of Medellin.

Why is Narcos so special?

Complexness of Narcos

Narcos is about the rise and fall of one of the biggest drug lords in the world Pablo Escobar. It captures his way to the peak but also his distraction. You can see the quality of series in fact that Narcos is not describing Pablo Escobar as the worst villain of the world. It illustrates the Colombian problem complexly; it shows that coin always has both sides, good and bad. Surprisingly you can’t tell which one is a good one because the characters in Narcos are real, a mix from both.

Narcos, sad Pablo Escobar

Sad Pablo (Wagner Moura)

The conflict is taking its place between Pablo Escobar and the opposition comprising of the government forces and DEA ( Drug Enforcement Administration), special anti-drug units of the USA. The story itself is being told through the voice of DEA agent Murphy, but it doesn’t mean you sympathize with his side. The opposite is the truth.

Narcos, Murphy

DEA agent Murphy, actor Boyd Holbrook, and a real version

Narcos as excellent psychological drama

Thanks to Narcos you will have the opportunity to understand the drug dealer, the head of the cartel and serial killer.  You’ll be capable of at least think about Pablo’s arguments, and you’ll see especially clearly that every behavior has its roots. That if things were done differently, from the sight of both sides, the lives of many could be saved.

Both sides of the coin

The series goes beyond ordinary because it retells the events of that kind of spirit that you will not look on Pablo the way you looked at him before (If you knew him). Narcos don’t describe Pablo only as a monster. It shows that he was an actual human with the good and evil inside of him. Narcos makes you understand Pablo better and maybe even identify with his thinking sometimes. It shows nicely that person who works himself from nothing to something had a solid character and charisma. He wasn’t simply a killer.

Pablo Escobar as Puzo’s Godfather?

I would compare TV Show’s Pablo to Mario Puzo’s Godfather. Sometimes bad things had to be done to an achievement of stability. And Narcos shows it. The terror that happened in Colombia wasn’t simply because of Pablo’s brutality. It was the whole country’s failure. If Colombia held its impartiality, justice and peaceful debate the fight against drug cartels could not have to culminate into the tragedy of the whole country.

You’ll connect with TV Show’s  Pablo easily also because of his deep care for his family and a country. You’ll sympathize with him a lot.

Narcos, Pablo and Tata

Pablo with his wife Tata (Paulina Gaitan)

Is Narcos too controversial?

The favor that you’ll build for Pablo doesn’t mean that the TV show did a bad job in retelling the actual events. Narcos is also very drastic, and it does its best to show significantly the unforgivableness of massacres which rooted from Pablo’s anger.

On the other side Tv Show not only displays Pablo’s sins but it explains that the Colombian government is in many ways no better than Pablo. The failure of government and justice in the country inflict the pledge. The government may not kill the innocents as usual as Pablo did, but it was blind, and it did everything, even at all costs of committing big crimes against justice and humanity on its way to destroy Pablo.

Narcos, opposition

Agent Pena (Pedro Pascal) left, Agent Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) and Colonel Carillo (Maurice Compte)


Narcos is about the rise and fall of Colombian drug smuggler Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) who was known as “The King of Cocaine” and notably one of the richest criminals in history.

Pablo’s cocaine trades were going well until the day he decided to change Colombia and become the politician. He will die because of his dream to be a president; to make Colombia better. The problem rooted in his unstoppable manners. That day he made the decision about being the head of Colombia he sold his soul to death, because he was so determined to get the function, that even the use of terror, violence, and power against innocent wasn’t enough to hold him back.

Narcos, Pablo Escobar with people

Real Pablo Escobar with Colombian people

Did Escobar’s dream kill him?

Pablo’s politician ambition brought too many attention on his job. Even though he was giving the money to poor and helping to improve the quality of living in Colombia, the truth stayed clear. The fact that his money came from something as dirty as drugs shadowed his at first good intentions.

With the time passing originally not as dramatic manners of former Robin Hood of Colombia culminate into the horror. Pablo became the world’s problem.  He was one of the most wanted mans. One time he shot down the airplane full of innocents because he wanted to kill the former president of Colombia, who should be on the board. But again his manners were mainly provoked with inappropriate behavior of the Colombian government while catching him.

Narcos, Holy Pablo Escobar

Pablo was fearless. He had money and power. During his peak, Pablo smuggled $70 million worth of cocaine every week amounting to about $20 billion profits a year making him one of the richest men in the world. He spent approximately $3000 in buying rubber bands for his money each month. Rats nibbled at 10 percent of his money amounting to a loss of $2 billion each year.


The series has solid storytelling, stellar activity, and beautiful editing. It is full of an action and drama, but it doesn’t bother you at all because it is also packed with dialogue. It has elements of documentary. The series shows the real shots and footage. That increase its quality even more. The narrative itself hits you hard and gets under your skin if you have been taking attention. And I suggest you do so not only because the story is mainly in Spanish, s you have no choice but reading subtitles but also because of the complexity of the story.  There is a wide variety of characters and events. The music also helps to create the right atmosphere. I especially love the opening to the series, Tuyo.

Watch Narcos Theme song on YouTube:

Don’t watch Narcos if you want to chill and shut down. Watch it when you can concentrate to make most of it. It is worth every minute you spend on it.

Narcos, Pablo Escobar

Narcos, Pablo Escobar

“It’s beautiful , this’s the way TV-series should be directed and produced, i loved the fast pace of the series from the first minute till now i haven’t skipped anything or felt bored.

The narration way of the story from the first beginning adds another depth to the story.
It shows you scenes from the future then gets to the present to elaborate how we reached that point .
The cast is great , probably you haven’t seen anyone of them before , but sure as hell they can act , they are able to deliver the feeling they have so you can interact with them .
Simply , a masterpiece .

P.S : Netflix has always been picky about its series, that”s why it’s my favorite network.”

– Ahmed Hassan review from IMDB

Have you seen Narcos? What do you think, does it match the truth? Write me your thoughts o Narcos in a comment session below. In interested in every opinion.



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