Every person finds himself time to time in a not pleasant period of his life.  The time of sadness and sorrow. The twilight of life. The period without happiness. And it doesn’t matter if it lasts only a day or a lifetime it is not an enjoyable experience. But even if that time comes, the main is to do everything possible to overcome it in the shortest period possible, because we were not born only to pay bills and then die. We were born to be happy and to enjoy our lives.



Happiness is something that we can build ourselves. We are responsible for our happiness or melancholy. We have to decide what we want and then do everything possible to achieve it. The only thing is to learn how to accomplish it. In the beginning, it is exhausting to convert yourself into the happiest person on the planet, but by practicing small and undemanding changes every day, that we created for you, you can at least discover how to increase happiness in your regular life.


1. Start fresh and create space for happiness


The past is mighty. It defines what we have become. We can learn from it, but it also can ruin us, when we let it control our present life.  The past reminds us every good but more frequently every bad thing that we did.  Every mistake, fall, and failure. Sometimes it makes us think that we are bad enough to not be capable of change, of the fresh start. But I tell you something: forget the past, concentrate to the presence and do everything possible for better future today.




Start fresh and be happier

Start fresh and be happier


Let yourself die

When you want to start fresh, you have to die first. Forget your past failures. Learn from them and then disremember. Believe that you can grow into someone greater than you currently are. Then make the first step. Forget about everything wicked that you were.  You have to let the part of yours that’s been bothering you go. Allow your anger die. Let your selfishness die. Let yourself die to be reborn. Thanks to that you’ll create space for something fresher. For new you.



Die and be reborn to catch happiness

Die and be reborn


And how can you die? Forgive yourself. Understand that everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. We are all on the same ship. Even when someone’s Instagram life looks so incredible, it does not exist without slips. Let your failures motivate you, not to remind you that you disappointed to meet expectations. You’ll do better next time.


Starting fresh is the primary step to happiness because the new start is the major aspect of change, and change is the key to happy life.


And how exactly should you start fresh? Change your image, get a tattoo, stick to the new routine, start doing a different activity, clean out your room, set a new goal or walk. The main is to remember: this time you can make it right. If you are still lacking inspiration and don’t know how to start fresh, check out this website.

2. Don’t be afraid

Next step is about fear. The element that’s essential to long and secure life, but also in specifics circumstances fatal for real life, for happiness. The worry from failure or embarrassment can hold you from doing so much.  From saying something smart or going out with the girl that you’ve always liked, from having fun at parties, from making new friends, from living entirely.

Fight your fear


Fight your fear. If you can’t do it without fear, do it scary. Don’t hesitate. It was scientifically approved that only first 7 seconds you’ll have the highest concern, but after that time the worry will leave. Don’t let your fear control you, because you’ll miss great opportunities that are waiting for you. You will lose your life If you want to be more alive, free yourself from the worry. And when you do it, you’ll feel so proud of yourself. You will be unstoppable. The creature without fear, capable of doing everything possible.



Don't be afraid

Don’t be afraid


Every day do things that scare you. Start with something small as going out alone or writing someone and work your way up to talking to strangers. Live outside your comfort zone, because great things are not coming from staying in it. And remember more fear you feel, more progress you can make, happier you can be. Life is amazing without unnecessary fear, so diverse, so pleasant so unlimited.


3. Do what you love


Do what you love. I know it sounds cheezy, but it is the truth.  By doing something that fulfills you, you are converting yourself into the happier creature, because you are spending more time being happy. When you love running, and you start to run every day for one hour you will feel happy for an extra hour each day, but when you don’t run you’ll lose that extra time of happiness. And that’s the reason, why you should do what you love. Nothing matters more than your happiness. Don’t feel ashamed by doing everything to be happy, even if it takes a lot of money, even when society thinks that is useless. Don’t listen to them. Do what you love.




Do what you love

Make progress

Next aspect that will make you fortunate thanks doing what you love is that you’ll spontaneously be becoming better by doing the activity you enjoy. You will not get bored by it, and because of that, you will do it more frequently. You will become an expert in something. And with passing time you’ll get high by the feeling of progress that will accompany you by doing what you like. You will not want to stop.

Work hard. Find your purpose, your passion, your happiness and be the best, because no one can bring your best into the world.

4.Look nicer to gain happiness

My next advice is to wear cute clothes and start exercise. It’s hard you say. Yeah, you bet it’s arduous. It’s exhausting to stay on top your figure, to eat healthily and to have a sense of style, to transform you into your prettiest you. But I explain you one thing.  You can not gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain something of equal value must be lost. (and yeah it is the first law of equivalent alchemist exchange :D).


Look good to gain happiness

Look good


You’ll fight and spend time exercising and at the moment you finish the delightful taste of power will take possession of you. It is the same with clothes. When you wear clothes, that you feel good in, that reflect your character, you feel like a king of the world. And others will notice it. Your confidence that you gain thanks to exercising and your unique style will not stay unseen. People around you will look at you with same eyes, that you are looking at yourself. If you spread confidence, you’ll get support from others. And backup from people pertains to aspects which arouse happiness. Yeah also don’t hesitate to try new and scary pieces. The items that majority of people wouldn’t wear.  It’ll help you with building your style.

5. Travel


Traveling is like a break for a miserable soul. It is the thing you do when you get caught in routine or unfavorable circumstances of life. It is an escape hole from sadness. You ask why? It’s pretty simple. When you travel you change your location and with it also culture, people, the mindset. You see that the world can function despite your “enormous” problems that you have.  Noone cares about your difficulties, no one knows about them, no one judges you because of them. You are free. Loose of your past, your slips, simply of your former life. You are only a stranger. Nothing more. The person that is not defined by anything other than its looks.


Travel to gain happiness

Travel and be happy



It is refreshing to travel and time to time try to obtain a brand-new identity. Maybe not to gain but discover the further aspect of your personality.  So next time you find yourself in significant life crisis with no solution, try to visit new places before you fall into the depression. Believe me traveling will save your happiness and money if you use Airbnb and other high tech apps.

6. Be kinder and spend more time with others


Be kinder? It sounds trite. You’ve probably heard it at least 200 times already. But if you thought about it properly you’d get by now. Human beings condition the happiness at the highest rate. A person can’t survive without another soul, but at the same time, if he occurs himself in society, his well-being immediately becomes conditioned by that community. That means that others can make us miserable or joyous.



Be kinder to gain happiness

Be kinder to others



But the others don’t decide about our happiness because our conduct profoundly influences the behavior of another person toward us. When someone remembers your birthday and buy you a present, you’ll like that man more, because he liked you before. You’ll like to spend more time with him cause you’ll feel worthy and loved in his company.  Spending time with a kind person makes you more genuine. Not only that you feel instantly better when you are around him, but you are becoming more loving yourself. And kindness is the key to making other friends, the code to extending happiness.

7. Listen to top music


My last tip is to listen to music, whenever you feel down. It is the cheapest and easiest option how to cheer yourself up because music awakens emotions. It can make you happy, sad, angry. That’s its secret trait. By listening to enjoyable music, you’ll get fortunate. Maybe not for a long time but the short moment of light is pretty enough after the long night.  My advice would be to make Spotify playlist every month with your favorite music. Not only it will save you from listening to poor quality music, but it’ll give you an option to get back into certain emotions of the specific month. Last month I was loving alt-J. I find their music so unusual and unique. It is special and powerful when you want to feel something.



Listen to music to gain happiness

Listen to music



Start fresh, don’t be afraid, do what you love, wear cute clothes, travel and listen to music and you will be happy. Or at least happier than you were at the beginning. The main is to not give up on your well-being. Try those small tricks out and then write me if they functioned. Do you also have some ultimate methods to escape sadness? If so, please share them with others in comment session below. Until next time!







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